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New guideline from NICE on oral care in care homes

New guideline from NICE on oral care in care homes

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The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published a new guideline “oral health for adults in care homes” relating to the delivery of oral health care in residential care homes. 
Their aim is to improve the standard of care available to those individuals resident in care homes after some disturbing government statistics revealed that those adults resident in care homes were significantly more likely to suffer from tooth decay compared to those who are not. 
The new guidelines contain a number of recommendations for oral health assessments, daily mouth care, and improved care staff knowledge and skills.  The guidance does also flag the need for better access to dental care. 
It is evident, however, that some of the recommendations would come at a cost and it remains to be seen whether the guideline is fully implemented. 
To read the full guidance from NICE, click here.