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Forward thinking reaps rewards for business owner

Forward thinking reaps rewards for business owner

Case study

As experienced commercial solicitors, we are good at anticipating what might happen in the future. That ensures for our clients that risks are minimised and opportunities maximised.

When a client came to sell half his business for a substantial sum to a quoted company, we included an option for our client to have first refusal to buy 50% of the company back again if it were ever disposed of. The definition of disposal included a change of control or take over. Shortly afterwards, the PLC was subject to a hostile takeover which triggered our client’s option. Rather than risk losing the business, the PLC agreed to purchase the second half of the business at a price many times greater than the price paid for the first half.


Using our experience and expertise to try to anticipate all eventualities and making sure the contract was drafted accordingly, we created the opportunity for our client to negotiate an amazing deal.

We cannot guarantee to produce such dramatic results for every transaction but every one of our clients can be confident that we will do whatever we can to ensure that the contracts we draft meet their commercial expectations if not exceed them.