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Brexit impact

Brexit impact

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Brexit impact?

The Guardian recently published an article setting out six charts following the economic impact (to date) of Brexit. From the pound falling against the dollar and euro, gilt yields tumbling and bank shares taking a “hammering”. In discussions with many of our business clients, none have reported any direct impact as a result of the vote; other than feeling a degree of  uncertainty in relation to the current position.

There are some evident immediate Brexit repercussions as one would expect, however there are various schools of thought on the extent to which Brexit is going to affect the market.

Whilst some predict economic disaster, others are of the opinion that Britain’s long-term economic future will not be significantly affected by it. As the situation settles and Britain gets used to the result, it is likely that it will be “Business as usual”.

A great deal will depend on what is negotiated with regard to access to the single market, the following regulatory regime and migration rules. Hopefully the appointment of Theresa May (which occurred much faster than anticipated) will help to bring some direction to the current stasis.

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