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Contesting a will because the solicitor was negligent

Most wills are written by competent professionals with expertise in will writing.

Sometimes though, mistakes are made and because of the nature of will writing, mistakes are often not discovered until years later when the person dies.

The implications of a poorly written will or solicitor’s negligence can be devastating and will result in some or all of the will being invalid. This can mean that only some or none of the wishes of the person who died will be taken into account.

For you, the surviving family and loved ones, you’ll have to deal with the fallout from mistakes made in the will. This could mean that you don’t get what was intended for you and this can be difficult to accept.

If you are in this position, call us for a free initial discussion on 0117 926 4121 or make a free online enquiry and we will help you.

Making A Claim Against a Negligent Solicitor or Will Writer

When a solicitor or will writer writes a will for you, they have a duty of care to you and also to the people who will be your beneficiaries. Their negligence could be for many different reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • Delay - writing the will or making any necessary amendments to the will may have taken so long that the person died before they signed their will
  • Not checking that the person making the will had capacity to make a will
  • The solicitor or will writer may not have checked that the will was signed under the right conditions and that the witnesses are valid. There are rules about who can witness a will and if these rules are not followed then it could make the will invalid or mean that one of the beneficiaries could not inherit from the estate.
  • The will may not have been checked for any clerical or drafting errors.
  • The correct advice may not have been given about tax planning or property.

Some mistakes can be put right. We’ll help you to try and put things right which is usually the cheaper option.

But if the mistakes cannot be corrected and you’ve suffered financial losses because of this, we could help you to claim compensation.

How Meade King Can Help You

We know how difficult it will be for you to put your trust in another solicitor after the experience you’ve had, but we’ll do everything we can to build your trust in us.

Firstly, we’ll give you a free initial discussion with one of our experienced professional negligence solicitors to discuss your situation in detail. We can tell you what the chances of success are if you decide to make a claim.

The prospect of going to court is not a pleasant one for many people and so we’ll do all we can to come to a reasonable settlement for you.

This will help you to keep your stress levels to a minimum at an already difficult time and it will also keep costs to a minimum.

Paying For A Professional Negligence Claim

One big worry can be about how you will pay to bring a Professional Negligence claim against the solicitor or will writer.

A No Win No Fee Agreement, also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA, could be an option depending on the circumstances.

You may have Legal Expenses Insurance in place along with one of your other insurance policies, such as your home contents or car insurance.

Finally, you could pay us directly. If you win your professional negligence claim, you should get some of your legal costs back but this usually only happens when court proceedings have started.

We can explore all the funding options for you when we discuss your case.

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