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Our Pricing

We want you to be clear about how much it will cost to bring a claim of unfair or wrongful dismissal.

Simple case:
£5,655 - £8,000 (£6,789 - £9,600 including VAT)

Medium complexity case: 
£8,000 - £15,000 (£9,600 - £18,000 including VAT)

Highly complex case:
£15,000 - £25,000 (£18,000 - £30,000 including VAT)

Some things that could make a case more complex are:

  • Making applications to amend a claim
  • Providing more information about an existing claim
  • Making applications
  • Preliminary issues not agreed by both parties (such as your employer not agreeing that you have a disability)
  • How many witnesses are involved
  • How many documents are involved
  • If it’s an automatic unfair dismissal claim
  • If there are additional elements to the claim such as discrimination
  • If an expert needs to be used

What’s Included
The fees above cover:

  • Taking your initial instructions, reviewing your paperwork and advising you on the merits of the claim and the compensation you may be awarded. This will be reviewed regularly and may change.
  • Completion of pre-claim conciliation to see if a settlement can be reached.
  • Preparing your claim 
  • Discussing settlement and negotiating on your behalf throughout the process
  • Preparing or reviewing a schedule of loss
  • Preparing for and attending a preliminary hearing
  • Taking, drafting and agreeing witness statements
  • Reviewing your opponent’s witness statements
  • Preparing the bundle of documents for final hearing
  • Agreeing a list of issues or chronology with your opponent’s solicitor
  • Preparing for and attending the final hearing, including the preparation of instructions to counsel

What’s Not Included
There may be additional costs that are payable to third parties as part of the Employment Tribunal claim. We will pay these on your pay these on your behalf to make the process run more smoothly and we will bill them to you. Not all of them will apply to the claim.

We may need to use counsel (a barrister) for tribunal preparations and to attend any hearings. Counsel fees are estimated to be £1,000 - £10,000 (£1,200 - £12,000 including VAT) to prepare for and attend the first day of the final hearing and then £750 - £3,000 (£900 - £3,600 including VAT) for any subsequent day.

The difference in cost depends on the expertise of counsel.

If you win your claim and your former employer does not pay you what is owed, you may need to pay for enforcement action.

How Long Will It Take?
Most Employment Tribunal claims settle before the final hearing so how long your claim takes really depends on when your claim is resolved. Settling early can help to keep your legal costs as low as possible.

If no settlement is reached and your claim continues to a final hearing, it will generally take from 26-32 weeks from when the claim is submitted to the Employment Tribunal to the date of the final hearing.

These timescales are just an estimate due to increasing workload of the Employment Tribunal.

Hourly Rates
Here are details of our hourly rates:

£250   (£300 including VAT)

Associate or solicitor with four years'plus litigation experience            
£195   (£234 including VAT)

£175   (£210 including VAT)

Licensed Conveyancer
£160   (£192 including VAT)

Legal Executive
£160   (£192 including VAT)

£120   (£144 including VAT)

Paralegal/Legal Assistant
£120   (£144 including VAT)