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Professional Negligence

Meade King's specialist team has a 98% success rate on "no-win no fee" professional negligence claims.

As a business, you’ll need the services of professionals at many points throughout your business life. Some of the most common professionals you will use as a business will be accountants, solicitors and financial advisors, but you may also need the services of a surveyor, an architect or an engineer.

Thankfully most of the time they give you the advice you need and the deal, transaction or process happens and there are no problems, but things do go wrong sometimes.

If this does happen, you need a Professional Negligence Team with a record like ours.

For more information on how we can help you, call us now on 0117 926 4121 or contact us online and we will help you.

Professionals who could give negligent advice

There are many different types of professionals that will be connected to you and your business. These are some of the professionals you may use in your business who could have provided negligent advice or services. They are:

  • Solicitors Negligence Claims – you will probably have to use a solicitor at various points in your business for different reasons. Perhaps you’re buying or leasing commercial premises, having employment law issues, drawing up new contracts, checking over proposal or facing a contractual dispute with a customer or supplier. Whatever it is, if your solicitor gives you negligent advice it can leave you facing serious financial or reputational issues.
  • Accountant Negligence Claims – your accountant plays a big role in your business, offering you tax advice, advice on how your business should be structured and advice on how legislation can affect your business. Negligent advice from your accountant will have a significant negative impact on your business.
  • Financial Advisor Negligence Claims – if you’ve used a financial advisor and their advice has been negligent this can cause real damage to your business.
  • Architect Negligence Claims – you may need the services of an architect if you’re developer, home builder or if you’re considering alterations or extensions to your commercial premises. It could be financially very costly for you if you receive negligent advice from your architect and can cause disruption for your business.
  • Surveyor Negligence Claims – it’s a surveyor’s job to advise you on the property you are looking to buy or lease and their poor advice can have serious repercussions.
  • Engineer Negligence Claims – if you’ve used an engineer in the course of your business and they’ve given you poor advice, your business could be disrupted and major costs incurred.

Making a Professional Negligence Claim

We’ll offer you an initial consultation to discuss the issues you had and to offer you advice on your next steps. We’ll ask you to send us all of your background documentation and we’ll help you to get the information we need from the negligent professional so we can review your circumstances in detail.

We can give you our view on whether the professional you dealt with was negligent and your chances of success if you decide to make a Professional Negligence claim. We want you to be successful in your claim and if we don’t think you have a high chance of winning your claim, we will advise you not to take it forward.

We’ll provide you with an estimate of the costs involved in taking the claim forward and discuss all the options of funding with you, such as our ‘No Win No Fee’ service. Not all Professional Negligence claims are suitable for ‘No Win No Fee’ but we can tell you quickly if you can fund your claim this way. The minimum value for us to take on most ‘No Win No Fee’ claims is £40,000 but we may consider smaller claims in some circumstances.

Time limits on making a claim

There are time limits set by the court which decide how long you have to bring a claim of professional negligence which is usually 6 years from when the service was provided.

But if the service was provided more than 6 years ago, we can advise you on whether you can still bring a claim based on when you first found out about the problem or suspected that you suffered a loss.

It’s so important to get advice from a Professional Negligence Solicitor as early as possible to put forward the best legal arguments that can be used to stretch these time limits.

If you miss the deadline or your time limit runs out, you’ll lose the chance to be compensated for the Professional Negligence Claim.

How Can Meade King Help Your Business?

We know how difficult it will be for you to put your trust in another professional after the experience you’ve had. We pride ourselves on being big enough to provide you and your business with a full range of legal services and support but small enough to genuinely care about your best interests.

Our experienced Professional Negligence Team has many years of experience and their track record is second to none. With a success rate of 98% and recovering millions in compensation for our clients, you can trust us to work tirelessly for you.

We're ranked in The Legal 500 and Chambers UK for our expertise in professional negligence.

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We’ve acted for clients all across the UK and abroad so if you have, or think you have, a Professional Negligence Claim, call us now on 0117 926 4121  or make a Free Online Enquiry and we will help you.