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Business HR Support

We are here for your business, not only when you are facing potential claims, but also to ensure your business is protected and up to date at all times.

We offer Business HR support, including the following:

  • Provision of contracts and policies documents suite, and provision of user friendly advice and precedent packs for businesses and employers.
  • Updates regarding any changes in legislation and practical implications.
  • Employment seminars for Managers and teams
  • Up to date business briefings
  • Bespoke training packages

We can deliver in house training programmes to individual managers or a team in lecture or workshop format, to provide practical tips and strategies for ensuring that best practice is followed with a view to avoiding claims.  We firmly believe that consistency is key to avoiding grievances and complaints.  Training your managers to work from the company’s existing rules and handbook should ensure that everybody is treated in the same manner.

Whatever your employment question or issue, call 0117 926 4121 and ask for a member of our Employment team.