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Employment Law


For a limited time only, we are offering employers a FREE employment contract review service.

Have you left your business exposed?

When drafting a contract or agreement, it is crucial to ensure it covers exactly what you need it to and that it shields you and your business from any unacceptable risks.

Employment law changes regularly and it can be hard to keep up! This is where we can help.

You may be confident that your employment contracts include all the terms and conditions you need, but you also need to verify that they are fair, unambiguous and compliant with current legislation so that costly disputes with employees and former employees can be avoided or won!

With vast experience and specialist knowledge, our Employment Solicitor Linda Wylie will:

  • Conduct a review of your contracts
  • Provide you with a letter of advice, summarising any concerns or points of which to be aware
  • Identify any changes you should consider

Make the most of this invaluable offer today and let us help you protect your valuable assets!

Contact Anna Travers-Rose for an informal chat to find out how Linda can help you: / 0117 926 4121


Employment law can be a minefield and problems that arise can often be very costly and time consuming. Our Employment Law Specialist Linda Wylie will guide and support you through any difficult issues that may arise from start to finish.

Linda also focusses on preventative advice, ensuring correct employment procedures and practices are followed but if problems do arise, she will work with you to find practical and commercial solutions.

We believe in communicating clearly and want you to feel confident you are receiving the best legal advice that is right for you and your business.

Linda works with clients on a range of employment issues including:

  • Employment Tribunal claims
  • Dismissals & Grievances
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Discrimination
  • Whistleblowing
  • Business protection & Contract Disputes 
  • Redundancy & Business Reorganisation
  • Implementing change
  • Sickness Absence Management 
  • TUPE
  • Directors or Executives Disputes
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Breach of Restrictive Covenants
  • Settlement Agreements

She can also offer bespoke training packages, seminars and business briefings to our clients and provide updater services.

Our Fees

You can find out more about our pricing for representation at Employment Tribunals for unfair or wrongful dismissal claims here

Call Linda today on 0117 923 4031 or send her an email: and she will be happy to help you.