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Employment Law

Employment law can be a minefield and problems that arise can often be very costly and time consuming. Our experienced lawyers will guide and support you through any difficult issues that may arise from start to finish.

Our employment lawyers also focus on preventative advice, ensuring correct employment procedures and practices are followed but if problems do arise, we work with you to find practical and commercial solutions. 

We believe in communicating clearly and want you to feel confident you are receiving the best legal advice that is right for you or your business.

Our employment law team work with clients on a range of employment issues including;

  • Employment Tribunal claims
  • Dismissal and grievance handling
  • Discrimination and whistleblowing
  • Contract issues and business protection
  • Business reorganisation and redundancy
  • Implementing change and varying terms and conditions
  • Sickness absence management and capability procedures
  • Corporate support work and TUPE (and Directors Service Agreements/ Consultancy Agreements)
  • Advising directors/ executives in disputes
  • Restrictive covenants and breach proceedings
  • Settlement Agreements, ‘protected discussions’ and negotiations
  • HR support (including the provision of contracts and policies documents) 
We can also offer bespoke training packages, seminars and business briefings to our clients and provide updater services.
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Our experience exposed dishonesty.
Alex Lyttle,Partner - Employment & Dispute Resolution
Case Study - Our experience exposed dishonesty.
Our client's employee, on long term sick, was actually fit and well