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Partnership and shareholders disputes

Conflict between business owners can be extremely difficult to resolve and can adversely affect the business.  When people set up in business together, it can be hard to imagine that they may one day face disagreement, but this unfortunately does happen. Issues can vary from one party wanting to take the business in a different direction, to disagreements about financial and time commitments.

Disputes between shareholders, whether there is a formal agreement or not, are common and can arouse very passionate feelings. Common problems are disagreements over re-financing, dilution of shareholdings and dividend policy.

Whatever the issue, we try to minimise disruption to the business and work with all parties to achieve a sensible agreement, as quickly and as painlessly as possible. If that is not possible, we will fight hard for you in court proceedings to protect your interests.

We will make sure you are clear from the beginning about the options open to you, as well as the likely cost and timescales.

To speak to a member of our dispute resolution team, call 0117 926 4121.